May 01, 2016

An Evening Away - Lumley Castle

After a long week at the Internet Retailing Expo, I was so ready for an evening away. I was so overjoyed when I noticed an email in my inbox from Lumley Castle last week, celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday with a special offer for a romantic getaway. After looking for weeks for somewhere to escape to for the bank holiday, I didn't even hesitate in booking this deal straight away. Having stayed at Lumley castle previously for my cousin's wedding, I knew exactly what to expect, and knew it would be the perfect place to wind down and relax. 

As you can kind of see in the photos above, the grounds were simply breathtaking. We arrived on Saturday afternoon, with a pre-booked afternoon tea waiting for us. Having just had lunch at the Wetherby Whaler (if you're ever in Wetherby you HAVE to go here), I was quite full and unsure if I'd be able to enjoy the afternoon tea as much as I should, however, once we were shown to our table and the stand full of treats was brought to us, I instantly made room and started to tuck in. The waitresses in the restaurant were all dressed in beautiful classic outfits, long gowns to the floor with beautiful embroidery and detailing. They really looked the part! 

After we had our gorgeous afternoon tea, we checked in and headed to our room. The room was situated in the main courtyard of the castle grounds and had a beautiful view. As soon as I entered the room I was greeted by a huge bed with a beautiful headboard, I love beds with big headboards! I really think a headboard makes a room look so much better, adding detail and character. The room really resembled the beauty and elegance of the Elizabethan times, and everything was of the highest quality. I soon noticed an added extra that really made my day... a large chocolate bar positioned neatly on the Visitor Book! 

The castle was decorated in a beautiful Elizabethan style, which really added to the magic and elegance of it. After checking out our room, we then headed to the MetroCentre and watched The Jungle Book. I have been wanting to see this film since it came out, and after hearing mixed reviews, I was very, very impressed. It's such as risk taking a classic and adapting it, but they did it so well and I'd recommend ANYONE to go and watch it, even if you're not a huge Disney fan! 

After another wonderful stay at Lumley Castle, I would recommend staying there to anyone. The staff were so pleasant and helpful, the rooms were beautiful and the food was also amazing. It's in a beautiful location with fascinating grounds and you really feel the magic of the castle throughout your stay! 


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