May 15, 2016

Favourite Skincare Products For May

Today I decided to write a post about my favourite skincare products of the month. They aren't products that have been launched this month, and for some of them I have actually been using them for  a while now. However, recently I have been struggling with some products as they have begun to irritate my skin, so I've been trialling new items and have finally found a selection of products that work really well for me. I appreciate that certain products work differently on different skin types and so on, however these are all of my opinions on these individual products, and I'm sure some of you may agree or disagree! 

Firstly I want to talk about Palmers Cocoa Butter. This product is incredible. I have been using Palmers products for years now, having had their lip balms, as well as this amazing moisturiser. The Palmers Cocoa Butter is so smooth and soft on the skin, I find it really nourishes my skin as well as adding a lovely glow. The product has a beautiful scent of Cocoa which you can smell for so long after applying. I find that this product really works for my skin, as sometimes I find I can begin to get dry patches for example my elbows and knees, however this product really softens those targeted areas nicely. 

The product does exactly what it says on the tin, it soothes and relieves dry skin. An added bonus is that this product also contains Vitamin E as well as adding a soft tone to your body! I have previously used the bottle that has a clip lid, however I found this can become quite messy when you're trying to open the lid with moisturiser all over your hands. This pump bottle is so handy, and perfect for even applying a small amount to your arms or face. I find that having the pump allows me to use as much or as little of the product as I need, its a really useful design. The Palmers Cocoa Butter cost me £5.69 from Superdrug, which I think is a really good price for a good quality, long lasting product. I use this product almost, if not, everyday and I usually go through one of these bottles every 4/6 weeks! You can find this product here : Palmers Cocoa Butter 

The next product on my favourites list is my everyday moisturiser. The E45 Moisture Lotion. Many people use E45 for Eczema,  however its actually a really good product for everyday moisturising too. I find that E45 cream is perfect for applying to my face before and after I go to bed, as well as through the day if I'm having a no make-up day. The formula is so soft and gentle and the product has barley any scent. I love how soft and smooth this product makes my skin, and I find it's really easy to apply. 

I feel that this product is perfect for almost all skin types and had heard so many good reviews before trying it out myself. Whilst I do love to use other moisturisers, E45 will always be my go to whenever I need a gentle product for my face. The E45 moisture lotion cost £4.89 and again I purchased this from Superdrug

Moving on to my everyday make-up remover. After months of trialling Micellar Waters, Cleansing Products and other Make-up wipe brands, I have done a full circle back to my absolute favourite make-up wipes. I find Simple products so good for my skin, and after using the Micellar Water I noticed my eyes were becoming itchy and sore, therefore I came back to using face-wipes for a little while. I don't rely solely on make-up wipes to remove my make-up, once I have wiped my make-up off I then use a soft, gentle cleaner to wash my face and neck properly before then applying my moisturiser. I find these wipes to be so soft and gentle, with the perfect amount of moisture, meaning I only ever need to use one wipe. They remove mascara so well, which is something I found difficult in finding the right make-up wipes. Whilst these wipes can seem pricey, they're so worth it because using the correct product on your skin is so important. I paid £3.25 for these Face-Wipes from Boots, however you can often find them on a 3 for 2 deal which is so good! 

Moving away from face products, I now have my favourite shower gel. I was given a Ted Baker gift set for Christmas, which contained so many gorgeous Ted Baker Bath and Shower products. I'd never actually used the Ted Baker range before, however after using the shower gel that came in my box I have bought two more bottles and am so in love! The scent is a beautiful floral smell which once you create a good lather, smells divine. One thing I found great about this product is how little you need to use, once you have a suitable amount it lathers really well and creates the softest feel. 

I was also won over by the beautiful packaging. Ted Baker products are always so beautifully designed, and I love how the top of the bottle has a 'T' engraved too! I just think it's a gorgeous product for this time of the year, heading into summer. The smell is amazing and it was really well priced too! I purchased my second and third bottle from Boots for £8.00, and I'm thinking of stocking up incase they move onto the new range and I don't have enough to last me through the year! I love shower gels and have tried so many, but so far this year, this product has been my favourite. 

The next two products were found simply by chance. I received a Soap&Glory gift set from my mum when I went to visit her and inside were so many cute little travel sized items from their bath and shower range. I had heard so many good things about the Soap&Glory Heel Genius, however never got round to buying it myself. After trying this small bottle, I am obsessed. I have never known a product make my feet so smooth and soft! I must admit, my feet probably are the most neglected part of my body however now I have this they are getting the TLC they deserve! I can't wait to go and buy the larger sized bottle, as I think this is the perfect item to keep in your wash bag for any trip away. The Heel Genius is priced at £5.50 for the larger bottle and this tiny bottle costs £2.50 which is so good for travelling! 

The next product is one I picked up simply because I was going away for a few nights and needed a travel sized exfoliator! This cute little Sanctuary Spa product is the Radiance Exfoliator and it's something I will be buying again for certain! I found this product worked so well on my skin and I was seeing great results after only 4 days. I use this product every 2/3 days dependant on how my skin feels. I find it really exfoliates properly and feels so smooth and fresh after i've used it. 

I've always been a huge fan of Sanctuary Spa products, ever since I was younger. My mum used to let me use her shower products which make your skin so so soft! This Radiance Exfoliator costs £10.00 and I purchased mine from Boots. 

My all time favourite Deodorant brand has always been Sure. I was so happy when the introduced these smaller compressed bottles, so much easier to carry in my handbag! This particular one is a 'Cool Pink' scent which is really fresh and girly. I don't like deodorants to smell too strong as I find they can often overpower your perfume, however this one works so well and lasts all day! With 48hr protection I can use this product all day and it will even last me through the gym. I find that this product is so good for wearing black too, as there's nothing worse than white marks on your tops! This deodorant cost me £2.10 however it's currently reduced to £1 in Boots

My last product is one that I have always used, however recently I have found them to be even more useful. My hair is naturally curly and I hate it when I have straightened it and my hair bobbles give me kinks! It's so frustrating! Anyway, these hair bobbles by Scunci are perfect! They don't have a metal grasp either which makes them so much better for your hair. I find that after a few hours, these bobbles don't leave a kink or hurt my head, as some bobbles can end up giving me a headache! I chose to go for black as my hair is dark and I always wear black clothes, but they have options for so many colours and I think the brand is so good! I bought my set from Boots for £2.59 which I think is so good for a decent set of hair bobbles! The other great thing about this brand is I find their bobbles to be such good quality, I've not yet had one of these bobbles snap or even stretch! 

Thank you so much for reading my about my favourite skincare products of the month. I love to try new things so please feel free to comment with any of your favourite products or brands! 




  1. Ooh I need to pick up a few of these - that Ted Baker packaging is so pretty! I'm totally with you on the makeup wipes, I've tried loads of different fancy cleansers and stuff but I still find myself coming back to wipes in the end!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

    1. Yes, the Ted Baker products are incredible, so so pretty! I'm so glad someone else has found the same thing, it's so comforting when you find the products that work for you!

  2. hey! Your blog is fab 😊💖

  3. Great post! Definitely want to go and pick up some Ted Baker stuff now!

    1. You should, the products are such good quality and smell amazing too! Thank you!x



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