May 13, 2016

Flashback Friday: My 21st Birthday and New York City Part 1

Hello! So today is 5 months until my 22nd birthday, and it got me thinking about my 21st birthday and how incredible it was. I turned 21 last September and I've thought about it constantly ever since. Turning 21 was not something I was looking forward too, actually I'm dreading 22 even more! However, i would do anything to go back and do it all again. So for my 21st I'd planned a lovely breakfast with my dad and boyfriend at Betty's, anyone who is from Harrogate will know how incredible Betty's is, and if you haven't been yet, I highly recommend it. My plan for the rest of the day was to be pampered (Hair, Nails and Wax) in time for my birthday meal and night out. My birthday fell on a Sunday however I used the Saturday as what I thought was going to be my main birthday day and was expecting to simply spend time with friends and family on the Sunday.

My best friend Charlotte made the cutest birthday card, I love cards with images, it's so nice to look back on them and remember all of the amazing memories we have together!

Anyway, I the evening soon came around and we had a few family friends, my best friend and my boyfriend at my Mum's house for some nibbles before heading to Cardamom Black (My absolute favourite Indian restaurant). If you haven't been, I highly recommend as not only is the food beautiful, but the building and interiors are breathtaking too! After our meal my mum started being a little bit odd, she was fidgeting and looking around and I could tell she was up to something. I was sat with my boyfriend and best friend and I could just tell something was about to happen...

My mum eventually called me to sit next to her, and everybody started to watch me. She handed me a small present, which was actually quite heavy, and I noticed everyone was very eager for me to hurry up and open it. So as I opened the present I soon saw that they were guide books to New York City... I didn't really understand at first as in my opinion, going somewhere like that would take so much preparation and planning and surely id have known about this beforehand? My mum then read out a lovely message that she had prepared, informing me that not only was I going to New York, but I was actually going on the Sunday morning (My actual birthday)!!! As you can imagine, I almost fainted. I didn't know what to think or do, I just looked at my boyfriend who smiled and I knew then that he had known all along! Everybody had managed to keep it a secret which, with me around I am very surprised about! After a few moments of tears and absolute shock, I suddenly began to think, How am I going to pack in time? What am i going to take?! But, all thanks to my amazing family, they'd already done this for me! I really don't know how I didn't figure something out, as it must've been so hard for them to do without letting me know! For anyone who doesn't know me, New York has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, and being able to go with my mum was one of the best birthday presents a girl could ever wish for.

Sunday soon came and before I knew it I was saying my goodbyes and heading to the airport! I travelled from Manchester to London Heathrow, and we had a little bit of time to spare at Heathrow which was nice, so we looked around Duty Free and sat down to some yummy food!

It was then time to board the plane and head to the Big Apple! At this point I was still in so much shock, in fact I don't think the shock even went until I got home after the week was over! I still think about it now and it feels like a dream! We boarded the plane and the first thing I did was asses the situation, films of course. I  knew it was a long flight and as we were flying later in the afternoon I wasn't tired enough to sleep, which was fine because the plane was fully equipped with all the latest Disney films, so I was happy!

I watched the newest Disney film (at the time) which was Inside out! I also watched Frozen, as well as Single Moms Club which was so so good! I then had a little sleep and eventually, after what felt like a very long flight, we had made it to New York!

Thank you so much for reading, I didn't want to make this post too long so I have written another post about my time in New York which is live now! I hope you enjoyed reading! Apologies for the snapchat images - I wasn't expecting to be writing blog posts about this whole experience so I wasn't very prepared!





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