May 18, 2016

Review: Graze Variety Box!

I have been so excited to write this post, and it's been a killer having to wait patiently for my box to arrive, but, when I arrived home from work this evening, I was greeted by the cutest, summeriest Graze Box and I was delighted! One thing I must say is that the designers at Graze really know how to create some gorgeous boxes! Anyway, having finally received my Graze Box, I couldn't wait any longer and had a look inside! 

Upon opening this gorgeous little box I was greeted with yet more cute graphics, I love how summery and fresh this design is, really getting in the mood for Summer1 The box was equipped with some info on top of the treats, including 2 Friend Tokens (providing your friends with not one but 2 free boxes each!!), an info guide on the Nutritional content of the products inside, and a fun little cutout to take a summery selfie for Instagram!

I was so impressed with the efforts that had gone into the presentation of the Graze Box, and I hadn't even got to the good part yet! (The treats). After looking at the information provided, I then took a look at what treats had been sent to me. When you first sign up to your Graze box, you go through a checklist of everything you could possibly have sent to you. You have the choice to Bin, Try, Like or Love, and this determines exactly what will be sent to you! I noticed everything I chose 'Love' for was sent to me in this box, showing that Graze really wanted me to get the best box I could! 

Above is an example of how you rate each item on the list! 

So heres a look at the treats I was sent in this box. I received a 'Golden Flapjack', 'Sticky Toffee Pudding', 'Billionaires Shortbread' and 'Beach Bum'. I couldn't believe that they managed to send me four items I love to bits! I was expecting a mixture of 'Trys' and 'Likes' however it was all things I 'Loved'! 

As you can see, these little treats are the perfect size for snacking, which is exactly what Graze intends to supply you with! Tasty snacks! There are options for your snacks, for example you can choose your box type. I chose a Variety Box, however there are a few other options too!

Here's an example of just a few box types you can go for, there are more on the website! 

Finally I just want to touch on the brilliant packaging. Considering this box is the perfect size to be posted through your letterbox, the quality and detailing is amazing! I was so impressed. I even received a small wooden spoon for one of my puddings, and under one treat was a cool little hashtag of #yummertime which made me smile! This box has really got me in the mood for summer and made me really excited for the next box to arrive! I chose to have my boxes delivered every two weeks, however you can choose once a week or even once a month. I feel that 2 weeks is the perfect time period for me to receive them! Amazingly, this cute little box is only £3.99 - £4.99 per box, however there are a couple that cost £5.99 dependant on your choice of treats! Also if you use this code AISHAT2JE you can receive your first box for free! I really do recommend getting your free box, even if you don't choose to carry on with the subscription, it's so worth it and who doesn't love receiving a cute little parcel in the post?!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and enjoy your free graze box! 


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