May 14, 2016

Travel Essentials : Aspinal Of London Travel Wallet set

Do you ever get that horrible feeling when you're going on holiday, of making sure you have your Tickets, Passport, Guides and anything else that is required for you to go on your trip?! I know I do, and I'm not the most organised of people sometimes, therefore I needed something to help me with keeping these important items in a safe place. Aspinal Of London have been a favourite brand of mine ever since I was younger and my mum bought me a gorgeous Aspinal Of London Purse. The Purse was beautiful and I was amazed by the quality and wearability as often my purses become worn and dull from being in my handbag all of the time. Anyway, I have had my heart set on an Aspinal Of London Travel Wallet since the first day I saw them, with the amazing range of colours and finishes, however, they were a little pricey at the time and I knew the only way I could get myself one was to save. So I did! I saved and saved until one day I could afford one but then came the issue of which one to go for... 

I then came across a Travel Wallet AND Passport cover set, in my favourite colour... Pink. I knew I just had to have it, not only because it was in my favourite colour, but also because the material was a beautifully soft leather that looked so gorgeous. I'd seen other styles in snakeskin and really liked them too, however I knew this style was the one for me. My Travel Wallet cost me £125 (Prices do vary dependant on colour and material) and my Passport Cover cost me £45, and I think these prices are so good for genuine, good quality leather goods! 

During the next stage of the buying process I was given the option to have my travel set personalised. I wasn't sure about this at first as I didn't really know if I needed to have this done, however I thought about it and what more can a girl want than a personalised Aspinal Of London Travel set?! So I chose to have my travel set personalised. I was so nervous that this would either ruin the look or make it look weird, but I was so pleasantly surprised when I received my purchase! 

As I chose to have my set personalised, on this particular day, the sales person who was able to do it for me wasn't actually in the store that day. The very kind lady however offered to have my set personalised for me and then send it to my home address, which was perfect as this way I knew my personalisation was being done properly. The delivery service was so fast and I was so impressed with the whole service I received. The day soon came that I arrived my beautiful set, and I was so impressed with the packaging! To me, packaging can really determine how much I love a product or brand, as if the packaging is nice you are instantly drawn towards the item and impressed with what you see! 

I received my Aspinal Of London set in a beautiful bag, tied with a ribbon. The bag contained this gorgeous box, which I just couldn't wait to open! Inside the box were my two items, wrapped in beautiful, thick, branded paper. My Passport cover was the first thing I saw, and I was so excited! The design is perfect as it has a metal guard on the corner to prevent the material from wearing or damaging. The Passport Cover also has a gorgeous bookmark which I use to keep my passport open on the page that has my image and personal details, making it easier when I get to the check-in at the airport! 

I then came onto my Travel Wallet, which was the item I had initially wanted from the start! I couldn't believe how beautiful the set looked, with the golden engraving. The pink and gold go together so beautifully and I am so in love with my set! It was so worth the wait. 

The wallets interior is also beautiful, with a gorgeous cream fabric next to the pink and gold, the combination of colours work so well together. The best part for me is the different sections for each piece of information, so hopefully now I can keep organised throughout my travels and not have to worry as much when it comes to finding my tickets! I used to carry a plastic wallet with all of my documents in, however this got slightly annoying and didn't really look the best! 

So, if any of you are considering purchasing an Aspinal Of London Travel Wallet, or even set, i'd highly recommend! I love mine and both items have worn so well, I'm so impressed with the quality. These items were worth every penny! Now all that I need is the luggage tag and I'm sorted!



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