May 17, 2016

Vogue 100: A Century Of Style

Hello! So a few Sundays ago I was in London, and I had the chance to go to the National Portrait Gallery, to see the Vogue 100: A Century Of Style exhibition. My mum bought the tickets and they were already selling so fast! We went to the 10am showing, which was perfect as it wasn't too busy, yet the atmosphere was still great. The exhibition was held in celebration of the amazing milestone Vogue has reached. 100 years in publishing! I couldn't believe just how much Vogue has adapted to the time periods it travelled through and seeing the content from a magazine cover from every year, multiple information boards with the ongoing history of Vogue, as well as amazing videos showing past and present models, photography shoots and so on was simply incredible. 

The exhibition was filled with amazing photographs dating back to the early Vogue days and being able to see the transition and change throughout the years, as both fashions, trends and life itself was changing was fascinating. From war time photography to the early Kate Moss days, you could really gain a feel of how Vogue has influenced the lives of so many people as well as kept people inspired throughout tough times, such as World War 2. Unfortunately I don't have any images of inside the exhibition, as you weren't allowed to take photographs, however if you Google the exhibition there are various images from photographers to give you a sneak peak on whats inside! 

One of the main elements to the whole exhibition that stood out to me, was being able to see the price change throughout the years. I couldn't believe how much Vogue used to cost, there were issues for around 50 pence one year! The efforts and passion that went into the exhibition were very clear, as there wasn't a single fault in the whole exhibition. 

I was amazed at the quality of content and imagery, considering tickets were a very affordable £19! I would certainly go again if I was living in London as the exhibition is on until May 22nd.

You can still purchase tickets to the exhibition here 

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