June 27, 2016

Sleek Makeup Beauty Review

Hey Guys! 

Today's post is one I have been really excited to write about. I recently had a little Sleek Makeup haul and purchased myself some of their best selling items. I haven't had any beauty products from this brand before, however I've heard such great reviews and just had to try them myself! I am so so impressed with the whole buying experience, from the easy sales online to the great delivery service and speed! Here's a look at what I bought, and what I think! 

So the first thing I was very keen to get my hands on was the Sleek Contour Palette. I don't actually own a contour palette yet, however I've had my eye on the Anastasia Beverley Hills one for a while, I just can't justify the price just yet! 

Here's a look at whats inside the contour palette. As you can see, it's almost the same as the ABH one! I was so happy when I received this to find it was a cream palette, as I've wanted one for so long. This palette is in Medium, however they do have Light and Dark too. I instantly fell in love with the yellow tone for a highlighter, I can't believe how good and effective this contour palette is, especially when it only costs £10.99! You can find this palette here

This Eye and Cheek palette was a little spontaneous of me. I didn't really need one, but it looked so cute! I'm actually really glad I purchased it however, as i've used it so much already! As you can see it has some gorgeous shades and it's multi-purpose! 

Just look how gorgeous this palette is! I really do recommend, it's such a good product to have in your makeup collection. I chose to get the 'Dancing Til Dusk' palette, however there were 4 to choose from. This palette cost me £10.00 and you can purchase it here

Next I purchased this gorgeous eye shadow palette. How beautiful are these shades!? I honestly am so in love, the shimmery colours are so perfect for both evening and daytime. These shades give such a highlighted, emphasised look and really add a beautiful effect to your eye area. 

Here's a quick look at the shadows with their names. I love how you can keep the plastic to ensure you know what they're all called. This palette is so good considering it's costs an incredible £8.99! 

I purchased this palette in 'A New Day', and there were 8 palette styles to choose from. I felt this one was very me and I loved the colours! You can find this eyeshadow palette here

I then got myself one of the Sleek Blush products, as the colour is simply beautiful. I just wanted to make a point of how lovely the packaging is too, everything was packed so neatly and the product packaging is so stylish and neat! 

Okay, so HOW beautiful is this shade?! I love it! It's the prettiest pink i've seen in a blush, I can't believe how well it works too. This blush cost me £4.49 and it's such a good buy! I'm so happy with the choice I made.

As you can see here, the product is so thick and perfect. It looks amazing on too, such a pretty colour!! This blush can also be purchased here and it is the shade 'Rose Gold'. 

Finally, I couldn't make a Sleek purchase without getting myself the highly recommended Matte Me gloss. This gloss has been compared to the Kylie Lip Kit, and I am very impressed. The gloss stays on all day and sits so well on the lip. I found that the colour worked really well for me too. 

The Matte Me gloss that I have is in the shade 'Birthday Suit' and you can find it here for a very affordable £4.99. I love this product, I'm certainly going to be getting myself a few more shades! 

Overall I am so happy with my Sleek products and I can't wait to get myself some more pieces from their range. I love this brand now! Let me know if you have any products I should try, or if you purchase any and love them as much as I do! 




  1. These all look amazing! Definitely will be buying a few of these!



    1. They do don't they! So happy to have added them to my collection. You need too, they're so affordable and still such good quality!


  2. Everything looks so lovely! I've tried some of the blushes and their powder contours! Stunning, Sleek are an amazing brand. Great post, I love their packaging too reminds me of Nars x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. It is all amazing! I'm addicted now... Thanks so much!x

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